oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Oct 07, 2013 5:21 AM
Some of this problem is the insulated "group think" that those who go to Washington get, as if catching a plague. They really do NOT have a finger on the pulse of Middle America. Rasmussen reports that 80% of Americans feel that stopping ILLEGAL immigration MUST BE the top priority of immigration reform-- and 58% feel STRONGLY about this! Americans are FAR LESS concerned about paths to citizenship for current ILLEGAL alien interlopers. And Americans are rightly angered that non-citizens so readily milk welfare services, which is technically ILLEGAL. "While favoring a welcoming policy of LEGAL immigration, VOTERS WANT TO STOP ILLEGAL immigration. Eight out of 10 (80%) think this is an important policy goal, including 58 percent who say it's VERY important." This scamnesty bill, S 744, bill is a shell game with respect to security (border, workplace, and welfare handouts). Contact people in Congress and show your righteous indignation! Here is where YOU can readily contact your representatives in Congress. Heck, contact LOTS of them in Congress! Just pick a town and zip code in Kansas and contact THOSE Senators also! :) Yeah, I know, the senators never see your e-mails, BUT their people track the tone and tenor of them. And they KNOW that the committed are voters and contributors who are engaged in our electoral process and will influence others come election time. These fine folks (who led the fight to squelch Kennedy-McVain Scamnesty back in 2007) have targeted, prepared e-mails you can send free: And here are the direct web sites for Congress for your e-mails and calls: