Chief109 Wrote:
Oct 02, 2013 6:10 PM
Truly amazing, back in 1900 we had Teddy Roosevelt as President, a true Patriot and American. Then came 1913 and I am totally at a loss for what had happened, Woodrow Wilson (D) became President and changed our Constitution and I am not sure that Amendment XVI was ever totally ratified by the states and I cannot believe that the states would have ever given up control over the US Senate from their authority. The US Constitution Article 2 Subject 3 states clearly that the Senators are chosen by the state legislature. USC Amendment XVI changes that and makes US Senators chosen by the populace like US Congressmen. Well folks there is our problem! The states have lost their authority and in doing so we have gotten into this mess that we are in. The fifty states would have equal say in the proceedings and more prone to working with the Congress not as a lone ranger like Harry Reid running the entire Senate like we have, impossible before 1913. We need to repeal Amendments XVI (Senators) and XVII (taxes).