2950 Wrote:
Sep 29, 2013 1:46 PM
Why do journalists, or anyone for that matter, need protection against Federal law when the Fist Amendment says, "Congress shall pass no law... freedom of the press?" Congress isn't supposed to be passing the laws they claim to need protection from. Anyone is a journalist when making public information they have information to share. It is worth noting that there are no professional requirements for be a journalist, no licensing, no education, experience, testing, showing of "good character" as there are with other professions. If you want to be a used car salesman, masseuse, dry-cleaner, dentist, embalmer, attorney, doctor, real estate salesman, stock broker, insurance salesman and most other professions, you must take certain classes, pass tests, submit a showing of :good character, whatever that is. Why protect those unwashed scribblers, whoever they are supposed to work for?