David942 Wrote:
Sep 27, 2013 8:15 AM
Such an A hole Jon Stewart is. The whole point being really that free health care has often been used as the main means of instilling socialism. Medicare and medicaid have already done enough of that and could be left in place to do the same thing. I guess maybe what politicians on both sides are worried about is the fact that medicare and medicaid are unsustainable and this is the way to correct something previously done that has been a previous step toward bigger government. How much bigger does it have to get to be to the point of no return and create opportunity for someone like Hitler to take over the country under false pretenses of doing things for the good of the people. History repeats itself again and again. Hitler said he did not want war in the beginning of his rule. Look at what is happening in the mideast. Appeasement and weak militaries are what bring about war. No one will negotiate without the big stick. Our defense and border security should take precedence over welfare.