The Original Alice Wrote:
Sep 27, 2013 7:29 AM
The [laptop-using] school where I teach is IN LOVE with technology. As in, I have to prove each each year how I'm using [more and more] technology. Not how I'm teaching my classes and how my students are learning better. Just how am I using more technology. To make them happy, I [constantly] figure out things that I need to do [that worked perfectly well on paper/on the board] and do in on their laptops. But not *too* much, or they'll screw around on their laptops. Just enough that I can check off that We Used Technology. Make the Tech Director happy. Sometimes I feel like I'm not teaching my subject, or teaching my students; I'm teaching technology. Fact is, of course, there's not much tech my kids don't already know. (They're wonderful. Yes, it's a private school.)