oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Sep 26, 2013 11:08 AM
rawtruth Wrote: My wife is a legal immigrant that became a citizen as have four of her siblings and nieces and nephews. No one has ever been on welfare, most were college graduates or went on to complete college. Three are graduates of the U.S. Navy academy, one a Rhodes scholar. This what you get from legal immigrants. ILLEGALS on the other hand place a heavy burden on the government at every level. Yes either work under the book and pay no income taxes or use fake documents causing legal problems for U.S. citizens whose documents and social security numbers they illegally used. They overload charitable organizations where they live, they burden hospitals where they use the emergency room for routine services claiming poverty while causing those with real emergencies to have to wait long hours for treatment. Their children further overload the schools. Admitted some are good students but many are a burden because of little and no English. Illegals receive benefits not provided to American citizens including being given instate tuition rates at colleges while a real citizen that served in the military in order to serve their country and earn GI benefits has to jump through prejudice and numerous hoops to receive those instate tuition in the state where they were born, graduated from high school and except for military service never lived outside the state. Illegals do not deserve citizenship, they have not earned it, they jumped the line and this bill would reward them. It is NOT OUR FAULT that Mexico, Columbia, and numerous Central and South American countries including Haiti and the Dominican Republic are corrupt and dysfunctional socio-economically. They should work to fix their own countries. Work to defeat this looming Scamnesty Bill!