oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Sep 26, 2013 11:06 AM
Take 5 to watch this will make you GAG! Here is a short FOX News feature where a woman crossed the Rio Grande ILLEGALLY a good 20 years ago. There is an EGREGIOUS MYTH that non-citizens cannot get Welfare Services. ACTUALLY, they are awash in it! She is 50, single, and has 7 dependents. She receives Food Stamps, SOCIAL SECURITY of $700/mo., subsidized rent, and of course Medicaid. As SHE says here in broken English, all you have to do is ask the guvment for the freebies, and there they are! One part of the scam-- as soon as they push out an illegitimate "anchor baby," it opens the tap to welfare services. Another huge ripoff-- they file for Earned Income Tax Credits and get money without having paid any taxes. Something few understand-- the welfare service people are all about expanding what they is job security and it is not THEIR money! Marco Rubio is simply LYING when he says that the 11+ million will not be eligible for welfare...they ALREADY use more welfare services than the native-born on average.