No-Way-Jose Wrote:
Sep 25, 2013 12:46 PM
It's hard to read all of this and figure out exactly how the Republicans are going to craft their amnesty, but make no mistake, they are determined to pass an amnesty.for their big donors but in a way that might fool some of their rank and file into thinking it isn't an amnesty. "Verifiable border security first" -- yeah right, I was born yesterday Mr. Labrador. No pathway to citizenship -- sure you keep on believing that nonsense Mr. Jacoby. 4 new pieces of legislation dealing with border control laws -- yeah I'm sure this will ensure an inpenetrable border Mr. Goodlatte. And to add fuel to the fire of the amnesty, the GOP will make sure that we also dramatically increase the number of new legal immigrants -- most undereducated, lower-skilled, and English-challenged. Sounds like a great recipe for a prosperous and dynamic America. We can then all become Democrats, because the only real election at that point will be the Democratic primary.