BrennanK Wrote:
Sep 24, 2013 9:48 AM
This will never happen because the Quran and the actual 'religion' of Islam is the motivating factor behind the torture and slaughter. Anyone practicing Islam (that is any Muslim, so-called moderate or otherwise) is supporting a religion that DEMANDS the slaughter of any non-Muslim who refuses to convert or submit to a form of slavery - WHETHER THOSE MUSLIMS REALIZE IT OR NOT! The Muslim religion teaches that Muslims are SUPERIOR to all others and MUST convert or kill the entire world. Muslims who refuse to acknowledge this are deceivers, which is understandable since their religion COMMANDS that they lie about the truth of Islamic beliefs and goals. It's called taqiyya (lying) or kitman (lying by omission) and is designed to hide Muslim intent until it is too late. The Quran even says that Allah brags about being "the Great Deceiver", so is it any wonder that Muslims accept lying to infidels (non-Muslims) as part of their beliefs. Moderate Muslims will NEVER speak out against these slaughters and terror because they KNOW they are commanded by their religion to continue the butchery, or to at least support those who continue. And those Muslims who claim this does not represent their so-called religion are either stupid and very uninformed, or lying (taqiyya).