Michael2944 Wrote:
Sep 23, 2013 9:29 AM
For the people who say that if the money had been properly invested, then the growth of the money would provide 'steak' benefits. BUT - overall, the voters have not 'fired' and replaced the politicians that have looted the system ('borrowed' the money for present day spending that benefits the people now...to buy votes...and then shift the burden of paying back the money to the kids and grand-kids. Well - our kids and grand-kids have every right to say that they are not responsible to pay for the party we had...and we can pound sand! If we can't clean up the problems that we made - why should we expect future generations to be burdened with excessive costs that they had no part in creating?? At some point, it will be necessary for a future generation to say that they are on strike and won't pay ...and I won't blame them one bit!