The Common Conservative Wrote:
Sep 23, 2013 6:08 AM
Part of the strategy of the Left is to "Divide and conquer" us as a nation. There can be no question as to their effectiveness in doing so. Remembering a time where few business people of any sort would weigh in on a POLITICAL ISSUE dates back BEFORE the McCain-Feingold "reform" of campaign contribution disclosure laws. Now, with anyone making a donation to a campaign fully open for people to see, they have been drug into the fray and the contempt for them is worse than ever on BOTH SIDES of the aisle. The same types of disclosures exist for non-profits as well- like the NRA and any "progressive" groups as well by their 990 tax filings. What should be PRIVATE information as to who or what one supports leads to these feudal debates, bans, and boycotts. NO business of any kind should have to :weigh in" on their policy or stance on ANY political issue. But we have insisted on having full knowledge of their politics BEFORE we visit their business? Sure, I agree that SOME like Soros, the Koch's, Buffet's, and MANY others on both sides would love nothing more than to buy their elections, but it simply boils down to the simple FACT that there is WAY to much government in terms of handouts and regulations that they can PROFIT from. And it is getting worse. The little guy with an idea and a vision to make it happen doesn't stand a change these days. His dream gets crushed before it ever starts simply because you can't start that business WITHOUT a ton of government red tape and expense BEFORE you sell the first product or service. And if you are lucky enough, then government wants to know every detail about the income, or lack of, you make. It's becoming the Liberal/Progressive heaven where every aspect of American's lives are on display for all to see, for all to excoriate, and for all to make GOVERNMENT our master instead of our servant.