cmcclure Wrote:
Sep 22, 2013 10:20 AM
from what I seen on the news the area where this happened every weekend there is a shooting of some kind and it has been happening for years. why were there no police in the area when you know something like this is going to happen. were they out writing j walking tickets/? and I bet it happens this weekend to and there will be no police there. whos fault is it there was no police in the area that is known for things like this. I mean even the news in other states know whats going on there. I will bet if the fools that did this if they are ever captured already have inmate numbers and have a violent history. so now that these fools that the Chicago police department let shoot at all these people are running free to do this again anyone with a semi auto weapon that can take a detachable mag with a standard capacity is a bad guy now. because you cant do your job. ya that will fix the problem. your ban will never happen so maybe you should quit wasting your time in front of a camera and start trying to find these fools that you are letting run free. instead of trying to take things away from law full people who are not the threat and start rounding up your gang members and dope dealers who are running around with stolen weapons