Joan362 Wrote:
Sep 20, 2013 12:34 PM
We do not belong in Syria. They have not threatened us nor declared war on us. We have been the policemen of the world far too long and what thanks do we get? We have been the biggest charity of the world - citizens have always given money in aid to countries that have suffered disasters. The fact is that history has shown the Middle Eastern countries have been fighting each other for hundreds and hundreds of years - I doubt that any "attack" that Obama has for his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood (or any Muslim) will have any effect except to bring this country into another war. Putin is dangerous and smart - Obama is not smart and dangerous because he has had no experience in international affairs nor negotiations. The Democrats, remember, gave us this Clown who is purposely destroying this nation because they did not vet him - each of those members should be held accountable.