Nos Nevets Wrote:
Sep 20, 2013 4:02 AM
I love the columnists on Townhall. I don't trust their complete editorial truthfulness. They blow up little non-issues and cry wolf where there is none. There are som many real wolves. Why give lefties ammo reason to doubt the important stuff by quibbling over questionable stuff with reasonable explanations. An example from about a month ago: Townhall News claimed, "Al Sharpton argues that there is no reason to protest the Chris Lane murder because there was no injustice. " I detest Sharpton. There's lots of legitimate things to criticize. This wasn't one. If you wathc the whole video, by "there was no injustice" Sharpton obviously meant no injustice committed by the police, the system, The Man. He called it a "Brutal Murder". Can't Townhall concede even Al Sharpton thinks "Brutal Murder" is inherently unjust? So you know he did not mean what Townhall insinuated. I absolutely DETEST when my own side is not scrupulously honest.