JimKosin Wrote:
Sep 18, 2013 3:51 PM
"The Media" had "facts" going back and forth, up and down all day... very poor reporting! The last facts I heard were that he did not have an assault weapon, used a shotgun (not banned and not part of the gun control bills), in a "gun free" city, on a military base restricting possession of firearms. Although he had a CCW Permit, he did not bring a handgun, but "MAY HAVE gotten one" on the base. It was not his weapon(s) that caused the crime, it was him. I hope the rabid liberal gun banners will realize this and just shut up and help the victims in need. Next we know Mz. Finekenstein will be trying to ban shotguns as "mass murder" weapons and hunting rifles as "sniper" rifles.