Dr_Falken Wrote:
Sep 17, 2013 3:14 PM
What's funny is that people referred to the "demons" in a computer keeping it from working correctly -- as you know, any process without a user interface was originally referred to as a "daemon" (demon) -- it wasn't until Windows that we started referring to them as "services" (although you will still see references to "daemon" in the original RFC's, as an example). Even more interesting -- computer viruses, which cause the most slowdowns, internet issues, etc., are mainly programs that work without the user's input (such as virii that spam, etc.), so indeed, it *is* a daemon causing computers today to not work correctly. Maybe we need exorcists? I also am a software engineer, but my knowledge of computers starts at around the DEC PDP-11. My college named our twin VAX servers "Vinnie" and "Vickie" VAX :-) Anyway -- interesting to see people's backgrounds here :-)