Erwin44 Wrote:
Sep 16, 2013 12:33 PM
Look, W. Bush, Clinton, and now Obama have all had a significant hand in the disastrous economic realities that plague us and threaten our children. Obama has 'doubled down' on the worst of the policies that have seen: -- Offshoring of service jobs (e.g., software coding) -- Elimination of manufacturing jobs -- Cronyism, Bailouts, and other kowtowing the a Wall Street that is killing the middle class while servicing their shareholders, and the personal wealth of insiders, CEOs, etc. -- over all others including employees -- The expansion of the 'intern' class ... aka unpaid young labor -- The expansion of the role of the Federal Government in our lives, and asserted over State Government -- Poorly executed wars that still see our young people on foot, and driving 'soft-skinned' vehicles in harm's way, while fighting a 20th Century version of war, and losing life and limb in the process >> and in the absence of coherent policy, armored personnel carriers (i.e., the Hummer with a few field-installed sandbags and exposing a crewman in a .50-caliber mount is not like having everyone that leaves the base --- and walks/drives in a 'valley of death' .... in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle (iteself out-dated technology but you get my point). -- Obamacare, the job-killer stripping young and old of fulltime employment I could go on. In the above bullet points, Clinton bad, W. Bush bad, Obama worse.