71 911E, TX Wrote:
Sep 15, 2013 5:54 PM
Bill904 wrote at 2:39 pm: Many claim that religion is a fundamental part of conservatism, but I disagree. MORALS are a strong part of conservatism--there is such a thing as right and wrong--but they do not have to derive from religion. I'm as un-religious as anyone can be, but I know right and wrong and I have a moral compass. " I do not participate in organized religion, I fear much of it is a scam. I do, however, realize that the MORALS Bill mentions ultimately come from Judeo/Christian ideals, i.e. religion. If he doesn't realize this he is flying with a foggy window (USAF term), or simply not too bright. And in response to Amy's question, I believe I fall under all 4 conservative descriptions.