Sharon508 Wrote:
Sep 13, 2013 12:39 PM
I don't call John Kerry an American patriot. I call him a turncoat an a liar. He protested the war and turned his back on his fellow servicemen. Don't forget, most of his bragging about his service turned out to be lies. The present John Kerry is chomping at the bit to start war in Syria...he doesn't care if it turns into WWIII. He just wants to "get back" at Putin. .For a man who protested war, he sure has changed again. A chameleon, he is. A patriot, he isn't. As a human being, John Kerry is near the bottom of the barrel. He had NOTHING when he became a politician. It was only AFTER marrying Theresa Heinz that he had any money AND he used her money left to her from the late Senator to get what he has today. He's a leach pure and simple.