dwardAWEA Wrote:
Sep 11, 2013 12:57 PM
No one takes wildlife impacts more seriously than the wind industry, and while some eagles occasionally collide with turbines at some wind farms this is not a common occurrence, with fatalities of golden eagles at modern wind facilities only representing 2% of all documented sources of human caused fatalities and only a few bald eagles in the history of the industry. This figure is far lower than other leading causes, including lead poisoning, poisoning in general, electrocutions, collisions with vehicles, drowning in stock tanks, and illegal shootings, and the only reason we know as much as we do is because unlike these other sources, the wind industry is conducting pre and post-construction surveys and self-reporting the losses. The wind industry is actively engaged with both the regulatory and conservation communities to find ways of further avoiding, minimizing and fully mitigating for any impacts to both species. For more on the facts about eagles & wind energy visit https://www.awea.org/Issues/Content.aspx?ItemNumber=832 American Wind Energy Association