Beyond Category Wrote:
Sep 10, 2013 7:04 PM
Telling people what you’re going to do, and then doing it is probable the best way for people to take you seriously. For example, at the recently concluded G-20 summit at St Petersburg President Park of the ROK met with Enrico Letta, Prime Minister of Italy, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, and President Putin. President Park also made news because she did not met with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. Prior to this summit President Park also toured the United States, where she addressed the US Congress, and made a state visit to the PRC. She is off to the UK this autumn. President Park currently has this high status among the world’s leaders because of how she handled the DPRK during March and April of 2013. On April 1, 2013 President Park met with the ROK Minister of Defense and senior ROKA generals and announced that any provocation from the DPRK would be met a decisive response. The rules of engagement were also changed so that ROKA units would respond immediately without regard to political considerations. This is in stark contrast to Lee Myung-bak’s handling of DPRK provocations such as when the DPRK sank the ROK warship Cheonan on March 26, 2010, and the DPRK shelling of Yeonpyeong island killing four South Koreans on November 23, 2010. The ROK was caught flatfooted both times and no response was given. Some American intellectuals, including Sowell questioned the wisdom of putting the DPRK on notice, but Pyongyang was so impressed that it prefers its current humiliation to conflict with its southern neighbor. And the PRC was so impressed that it now openly courts the ROK at the expense of its long time ally.