oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote:
Sep 10, 2013 9:13 AM
Laws which get ignored are simply no longer valid...ILLEGAL aliens KNOW that if they push out an anchor baby (72% illegitimate) here it is a CERTAIN ticket to Food Stamps/SNAP, AFDC, the whole gamut of milking America. ILLEGAL aliens are HUGE net takers of tax funds...the guvment's own data PROVE this to be true. It is a TALL lie/canard when Rubio and others say that those ILLEGALS allowed to stay will not be able to tap welfare-- they ALREADY DO at rates higher than the native born! Surveys (L.A. Times) among ILLEGAL Hispanics in Mexifornia revealed that 73% of them considered America's generous guvment giveaways to be a key reason they broke the law to get here and to stay here. And ILLEGALS quickly learn that the ObaMessiah is with them...rush reported that Obama appeared with recent Presidente Calderon in ads down in Mexico promising budding ILLEGALS Food Stamps and other assistance once they got up here. That was arguably simply treasonous. ILLEGAL aliens send back $30 BILLION a year to Latin America...the $16B. to Mexico alone is its largest source of non-domestic income. No wonder the Mexican guvment coaches nascent border jumpers on how to get jobs here, how to milk American "free" welfare and H/C, how to avoid detection, and how to remit $ back to Mexico.