ikonoclast Wrote:
Sep 10, 2013 12:07 AM
The Recall is not just about gun control. It is also about driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, the internet tax, recreational pot, higher taxes, repealing the senior citizen tax exemption and much more. The Colorado background check was just an excuse to impose a $10 TAX on every gun sale. The magazine ban makes it illegal for me to sell my 95 year old drum magazine for a Luger worth $1500 - even to someone out of state. Brilliant.... That will take a bite out of crime! It also bans purchase or sale of 95 year old Pederson Devices (look it up) with magazines, and antique $100,000 Gatling Guns. However, Senate President Morse telling legislators to ignore letters and emails from citizens is reason enough for a recall. Throw the bums out!