Jim3013 Wrote:
Sep 09, 2013 3:01 PM
I am a fully practicing Catholic who believes the church's position on this is misguided at the very least. Illegal immigrants are INVADERS, not Immigrants. The church teaches that unjust laws are no laws at all, but immigration laws, whereby a country enforces control of it's borders, are not unjust laws. They are necessary means to maintain the integrity of the country. In other words, without controlled borders, the meaning of "country" really has no meaning. Therefore, when people break our immigration laws by sneaking in unauthorized and not going through proper channels, they are lawbreakers who should be deported at the very least. Many countries (incidentally including Mexico) punish illegal invaders with prison BEFORE deportation. Immigration reform should only include things connected with maintaining border control. No illegal invader should be REWARDED for breaking our laws, period. And there is no injustice in that.