Nee2 Wrote:
Sep 09, 2013 7:38 AM
Dave- And remember....of the "47 million" 14 million were the illegals. A % of the rest chose not to pay for health care, and the rest were eligible for gov't services but did not apply. Now, the supposed 30 million more insured? Not gonna happen. More people will be paying the effing tax or evading because they simply cannot pay. What they don't understand is that not paying taxes will cost them a boat load of money! We have a client whose employer used 1099's to pay. he barely made 24 k. He now owes the gov't 5k because of this! He works to live and cannot afford even that, from 2000. He's 62! Can you imagine? No matter what the law, it still frosts me that if someone is owed a refund and the statute runs out, the gov't keeps the money, yet they get to accrue interest on end. Not liking it.