Joan362 Wrote:
Sep 08, 2013 9:40 AM
THIS IS WAG THE DOG! Obama wants to take the focus off BENGHAZIE AND all his other scandals. WE WILL NOT FORGET BENGHAZIE where we had four Americans killed while Obama and Hitlery watched and NO ONE is responsible?? We have NO business in Syria - none! Syria has not attacked us. We have sent our soldiers to Iraq for years - we have dead and wounded military. We are still in Afghanistan (how many years now?) and we have soldiers dead and wounded - AND FOR WHAT? Al Quaeda has not been stopped - they are still out killing and terrorizing! The Middle Eastern countries have been fighting for hundreds and hundreds of years - and the likes of John Kerry, who fought in Vietnam and gave himself a wound so he could get a purple heart and then sold out his own fellow soldiers calling them rapists and murderers and we can trust this traitor? John McCain is a doddering old fool who flip flops on each side of the isle - I really don't know to this day what party he really belongs too - all he wants is more photo-ops. I truly believe the American people have had ENOUGH from this Clown in the WH - his policies have destroyed this nation - he has a multitude of impeachable offenses and should have been impeached years ago. Many citizens believe, including myself, that any member of Congress who goes along with attacking Syria should be tried for treason along with the Clown in the WH>