Jonathan160 Wrote:
Sep 05, 2013 11:10 PM
How does refusing to make a cake for a gay marriage even begin to equate to all the atrocities of the purges or the crusades? It's just a frigging cake for God's sake. Aren't we going a bit too far?Sure horrible things have been done in the name of God. And I think you can argue even greater atrocities have occurred under regimes like Hitler's, which were 'godless.' Some people are evil and they will use all kinds of demagoguery to gain power. Shouldn't we be on guard against demogoguery whether it's religious or not? Oh wait, I think I just made your point. The demagoguery right now is coming from the non-religious people. The religious are being demonized over the most trivial things, a cake, some flowers. Maybe the cake isn't the issue. Maybe gay rights aren't even the issue. Control is the issue. People right now are using demagoguery to gain control. It's just not religious demagoguery. It's dmagoguery against religion, specifically chritianity.