Joe on St. Croix Wrote:
Sep 05, 2013 4:22 PM
Why should we believe a fraud who spent 3 months in Vietnam during which he nominated himself for a Purple Heart? I recall he was among War protesters who threw their medals in the trash, on camera. Now he tries to capitalize on his unearned medals. The man is a fraud. No one should believe him. That aside, did John McCain, a real hero, not learn from Vietnam. Limited wars can't be won against local populations unless you want to get brutal, i.e. unlimited. We've seen the proof over and over. As for Kerry's boss, the fraud that pretends to know the "black experience" life has never landed a glove on Obama. He is a spoiled novice, nurtured in Academia, protected, pampered and out of his league. Let's not lose any of our young men and women to a war to make this guy look good. The World knows he isn't the spirit of America, he's no leader.