The Original Alice Wrote:
Sep 01, 2013 8:56 PM
Looks like a case of accusing your partner/spouse of the thing that in fact you are doing. Libs say they fear that Christians want complete control of the govt, when in fact, we Christians want pluralism and actual tolerance ("All are welcome, whether all agree or not"), but not moral relativism ("You must say that everyone is right and good or you are intolerant"). Libs are showing daily that they want complete control of every aspect of our lives, down to our lightbulbs. LIGHTBULBS, fer cryin' out loud. America was founded on the idea of pluralism, and Libs are destroying it. #1 target? Christians. If we say we disagree with same-sex marriage, we are now reprimanded in the armed forces. If we refuse to do the flowers for a same-sex marriage because we find it morally wrong, we are sued and in danger of losing our business. (Note, the woman in question regularly sold the couple flowers any time they wanted them. She did not refuse to serve them because they were gay; she refused to sanction their marriage and make money off of it.) Ayers called it. He and his ilk say to accuse the enemy of the very thing you are doing. Say it loud and often enough, and it will stick. Especially when the MSM backs you up.