Drik Wrote:
Sep 01, 2013 9:57 AM
Most of the productive responsible people have left Detroit. Those that are left are a mixed bag. Crippled, lazy, drugged, those that couldn't afford to move, the short-sighted who hope things will get better, and a few romantic idealists who remain eternally optimistic. Oh, and of course, the politically corrupted sucking a living out of the people left. Not a great mix to build on. Detroit could turn around. People are resilient. There is opportunity anywhere. It is just unlikely under the perpetual onslaught of government regulations, taxes, and punitive legalities. Too many parasites and the host does. Turnaround is not likely without regime change. Not going to be able to government subsidize their way to prosperity. "What difference" lady in 2016 would be the kiss of death.