DG in GA Wrote:
Aug 31, 2013 12:39 PM
Or, those people who are oh, so concerned about the plight of fast food workers could start giving them generous tips when they buy their Value Meals. So, if you think a fast food worker should make $15 per hour instead of $7.50, then every time you go to a fast food restaurant, tip your counter person (or drive thru person) the same amount as the cost of your meal. That way, YOU get the satisfaction of paying a lot more for your fast food, without making the rest of us do so too. Then you can drive away in your Prius, with the smug satisfaction that you've helped some poor peon support their four illegitimate kids. After all, most of the waitstaff at expensive restaurants make even less than $7.50 per hour, because they can make so much in tips. Right out of college I had a roommate who was a waitress and, with tax-free tips (at the time), made 50% more than I did in a management training program in corporate America.