Nabuquduriuzhur Wrote:
Aug 30, 2013 2:55 PM
The example of Bosnia/Kosovo should be remembered as what a president can do when he's determined to draw attention away from himself. And how badly it can be screwed up. First, the genocide that was claimed as our reason to go into Bosnia turned out to be a lie. The third "mass grave" was finally found in 2011 and was less than 200 people. Bad, yes, but the millions, then hundreds of thousands, then tens of thousands, then thousands of civilians claimed by our media, never materialized. It was either yet another intelligence blunder of missing the fall of the Soviet Union magnitude or it was a deliberate falsehood. Or both. Second, every military objective failed. It would be hard to forget the videos of the Serbs revealing their armor and other vehicles that they'd carefully hidden. Third, a truly scary example of the lawlessness and moral evil that the International Criminal Court can do. Slovodon Milosevic died while the ICC kept him in custody without habeas corpus for FIVE YEARS while they desperately tried to get enough evidence for a trial. One wonders if they simply killed him because of him being an embarassment to them. For someone to die in official custody when five years had passed without enough evidence collected for a trial is something the Soviets or National Socialists would do. It's hard to imagine the personal moral evil of judges that would do something like that. A dire warning about the ICC. The sad fact about Bosnia is we and NATO murdered a lot of people for nothing. So where were the usual suspects screeching "Clinton lied, people died"? Compare that to, also in 2011, the european articles that indicated that some 400,000+ in mass graves had been found in Iraq? And how Syria now is using the chemical weapons that Saddam "didn't have"? The media is going to have to give an accounting for their actions to Jesus Christ at the White Throne Judgement. Imagine standing before God, having lied for an entire career, deliberately misrepresented throughout an entire career, advocated immorality during an entire career, and advocated for socialism throughout an entire career.