hjoseph Wrote:
Aug 30, 2013 1:03 PM
By the way, the Vietnam conflict started well before the 1996 war powers act was passed by both parties in the house and the senate and the only violation since 1996 has been when Obama directed our Air Force to engage Khadaffi in Libya using our fighter jets to join a coalition of a few countries to allow the rebels to overthrow the Khadaffi regime. Members of Congres are very good at writing bills that pass constitutional muster before being voted into law. The Constitution gives Congress the power to pass legislation that is deemed in the best interest of the country but your comment doesn't make sense. Any bill that appears to violate the constitution can be repealed by Congress or challenged through the supreme court. Any legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the President could be unconstitutional before becoming law or after becoming law when a situation rises that shows that an unintended consequence occurred that violates the bill intent. If the glitch is noticed and debated before becoming law it is amended and if it becomes law, Congress can still amend it but if the amendment does not pass anyone can challenge the law to the supreme court for a ruling on constitutionality, if the supreme court decides the bill is a violation it is struck down and Congress has to create a new version of the bill if they have the votes. The Constitution, the bill of rights and the law of the land is what keeps us together as a great nation and I would fight tooth and nail to do things constitutionally. In spite of all the worldly problems our lives have been blessed by a document that must be protected. If there is a problem with our Constitution then its up to us to get our Reps to pass laws to change it. No one gets everything they want but we don't have to live like a banana republic because we agree to disagree on trivial matters.