Michael2944 Wrote:
Aug 30, 2013 10:13 AM
Typical lies and distortions by progressive/marxist. The Republicans have always pushed for individual responsibility rather than 'enabling' and buying votes by growing government. It is the Democrat Party that seeks to block the minorities from getting a good education by blocking the exit door of failing government schools - preventing Republican solutions of vouchers and charter schools from being enacted. The tripe about 'loss of manufacturing base' - how about the Republicans trying to downsize the monstrous size of government, the highest taxes on businesses, and growing burdensome regulations that make it more risky to have a business in the US. It is the Democrat policies that PUSH businesses to move off-shore. You want to bring manufacturing back to the US - get rid of Democrat policies. Most Southern Democrats STAYED with the Democrat party - they just changed their stripes. LBJ said, when they pushed some of his "Great Society" programs that grew welfare (that would lead to the destruction of the nuclear family)...he said - "we will have those n!****s voting for us for a hundred years.." The Democrat Party just changed how they would try to keep those 'uppity minorities' in chains...and nothing has changed!