cscavitto Wrote:
Aug 29, 2013 12:12 PM
America was once a strong and proud nation. Big difference from the McCarthy era and today. Seems the politically correct thing to do these days is be quiet and let everyone invade our boarders and tell us what to do. The U.S. started as a Republic, became democratic, and is is in socialist transition. Big government taking away the people's rights and freedoms. Eventually there will be nothing let to do but bow to the new powers and do what we are told. How successful would America be if we went to other countries and tried to take over as they take over here? We need a strong administration to restore America to its Republican values, freedoms, and enforce the laws on our books. Round up the illegals and send them ALL back to their countries. They seek refuge here and then want to change our system to mirror the very countries they left. No thank you. Stand by the Constitution as written instead of twisting and pulling it like taffey.