tthor Wrote:
Aug 29, 2013 10:59 AM
Let's leave aside the president's "red line" buffoonery, and analyze the situation as it otherwise stands. 1) Our avowed enemies are killing each other in Syria. YAY! Yeah, using nerve gas is a de facto atrocity, but we all know that Al Qaeda can get their atrocity-freak on pretty good, too. Assad's action was likely retaliation for some other horror committed by an Islamic fanatic rebel faction (although, curiously, nobody brings this up).There's a lot to be said for just allowing these yahoos to wallow in their own freakish misery. 2) WMDs are bad. Period. The civilized world out to smack the [expletive deleted] out of anybody presumptive (and evil) enough to use them. That's an argument for dropping tomahawks on Assad's head until he is dead, dead, dead. 3) If we do take action against Assad, there's a fair to middling chance Syria and/or Iran will take action against Israel, and God only knows what the Russkies might do. Armageddon, anyone? And, of course, our wannabe-Navy SEAL president *did* open his stupid yap sans teleprompter, so now America's international credibility is on the line, too. Good job, Mr. President! I could almost feel sorry for Obama, if the guy wasn't such a horse's patoot. I think I'll reserve my concern for the American servicemen and women whose lives will be on the line if we do wade into this sorry mess.