Azera Wrote:
Aug 28, 2013 4:45 PM
If this doesn't speak volumes of what's part of the root cause of problems in this country, I don't know what does. From time-to-time I've gotten snarky and even down right abusive with folks over the internet who I felt deserved it. But never, NEVER did I do it in a public forum. And each time I lowered myself to that level, I asked myself one question before I hit the send button, "Would you sat that to their face?" Not trying to hold myself up as some kinda whatever. Just opining that many folks say stuff they'd never dare say in person. And I don't get that honestly. Why do folks think they can be just down right rude, crude and socially unacceptable just because they can hide behind a keyboard? Do they think it makes them a "somebody"? Do they not realize that if that makes them feel good, then they are a truly troubled person? I guess there's alot of frustrated people in this world who can't or won't stand up for themselves, feel they're the victim all the time; got beat up and bullied; etc., etc.; that their only recourse in life is blast out name calling and messages like this Robert guy did. The only word I know to describe him and others like him is pathetic.