Azera Wrote:
Aug 28, 2013 12:43 PM
Sadly, the U.S. has yet to learn that intervening militarily in the Middle East is like what happens when someone steps in when they see a man hit his wife. The result is that the interventionist gets his behind kicked from BOTH the man AND the wife! It was too many years ago that I held that naive utopian belief that the U.S., with all its might and principle of freedom, should be the policeman of the world. BUT NO MORE! Maybe if this country really believed in freedom or had the backbone and will to truly defeat evil maybe......just maybe they could be the policeman. But the country we are slowly de-evolving to become is neither capable, nor has the right, nor is the poster boy for freedom & righteousness. I heard someone say, "One in eight men physically abuse their wife. ONE IN EIGHT! That's pretty alarming don't you think? Is there anything you know of that's attempting to stop that level of abuse and violence and fear? No?? So why is it ok for the U.S. to think they need to help some Middle Eastern person and not help their own citizens?"