DG in GA Wrote:
Aug 28, 2013 11:46 AM
You are absolutely correct. I remember meeting a professor from Oxford University over breakfast at a B & B. He was pontificating on why-oh-why did the United States not have a well-designed passenger rail system to get people from Point A to Point B in air conditioned comfort. He pointed out that he can ride the train from London to Birmingham, England in X number of hours and arrive relaxed and refreshed. I just looked at him and asked if he EVER saw a MAP of the United States. Did he have a CLUE how large the United States is? I asked him WHY I would want to take a train and travel or DAYS to get from New York to Los Angeles when I can hop on a plane for less money and be there in about four hours? He responded that if we had a well-developed rail system it wouldn't take DAYS to travel across the country, just a few hours. Right... Stupid pointy-headed leftist intellectual.