Jim3013 Wrote:
Aug 27, 2013 8:49 AM
I am white. There are some white people that I like, and some that I don't. There are some black people I like, and some I don't. There are some white people whose stands on issues I like, and some whose stands I don't. Ditto with black people. One of those people whose stands on issues I don't like is Barrack Obama, although he's half black and half white, and for many this makes me "racist." What?!? When asked, I can name at least a half dozen prominent black people, and these are people whose racial genetics are far more than one half black, who I would be HAPPY to see as president, but the people with stands on issues similar to Obama tell me that these half dozen people are NOT AUTHENTIC BLACKS, but are Uncle Toms (or Thomasinas in the case of Condi Rice), or Oreo Cookies, or House N****rs, etc. WTF! I thought race was determined by certain genes which control skin color!! O wait, Bill Clinton was the first "black" president according the twisted logic of these people. It's not about race, my friends. It's about a Marxist philosophy and agenda. Oh, and that philosophy has actually done more to HURT people of color and lower economic standing than any other in history, while free market capitalism has brought more people up out of poverty than any other. But some people become fabulously wealthy under free market capitalism, and some (Marxists) just can't stand THAT.