Abe Froman Wrote:
Aug 24, 2013 5:29 PM
"Defeatist"? Try "reality." Tell me the state in which hanging with pig guts or throwing to hogs or decapitating with animal slaughtering knives, or ANY of the "creative" methods of execution suggested on this comment board are legal methods of execution. Tell me what executions the military has ever carried out by any of these means. Go ahead, tell me. I'm waiting. Thought so. The rest of your post is TOTALLY irrelevant. I don't deceive myself for an instant about Islamic fundamentalism, how dangerous it is, and how fanatical its adherents are. Neither do a lot of atheists/agnostics (q.v. Sam Harris). I know exactly what dhimmis are, and what the jizya is. What has ANY of that got to do with totally unrealistic methods of execution that are NOT going to be used on Hassan, and would actually be constitutionally barred as cruel and unusual punishment? And even supposing we did these things (and we won't, so you might as well talk about inventing a time machine and going back to assassinate Muhammad before he founded Islam -- it's just as much of a fantasy), do you really think Muslims are going to be afraid of us because we might use "the power of pork"? I suggest YOU are the one who needs to educate yourself. Pigs are considered unclean in Islam (and Judaism), and Muslims are forbidden to eat them. This does NOT mean Muslims think that they will not be allowed into their heaven if someone kills them with something that came off a pig. They don't. In fact Islam does allow Muslims to eat pork if they would otherwise starve. It's not something that they think sucks their souls right down to hell. Oh, and if a miracle happened, and we did set aside our laws, customs, and even our constitution and we did take your advice, since Muslims DON'T view pork as a "Go directly to hell card," it's actually more likely that we'd simply enrage them, rather than frighten them -- just like the Muslims in India in 1857 got angry, not frightened, about the British Enfield rifle bullets that were supposedly greased with lard from pigs.