Chief109 Wrote:
Aug 23, 2013 12:49 PM
Photography is an art like Michelangelo or Raphael on canvass or sculpture or in this case on paper. A professional photographer truly are only as good as their talent can express. The expression of the scene comes from the mind and heart of the photfrapher and what the camera sees is not the image as in itself but what the photographer sees even subconsciously, the expressions, the lighting, the backdrop, the subtleness and mood of the scene that would be the outcome of the photograph, A photographer at a wedding would want to perform his best works but if his mind and attention are focused on taking photographs of something that he deplores and hateful to him that the photo album would not express his best work and therefore the couple would be very disappointed in the outcome of the cold and expressionist photographs and they would want their money back. Do you understand this Judge? Would you use a police detective photographer from the AID to perform at your wedding or would you try to find an artisan photographer who becomes a part of the scene? The Pope hated Michelangelo and vice versa but it was his love for God that he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the Holy Father left him alone. Anyone can take pictures and throw them into an album but this case is another example of "In your face" by a judge, that is the shame of it.