The Common Conservative Wrote:
Aug 23, 2013 6:12 AM
One must remember that BHO is a Statist and that means that he only knows one way for "economic solutions"- GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT in every aspect of out lives. He feels that by "protecting us", he is doing us a ":big favor" and keeping us from the costs of doing business in a FREE MARKET economy. Yea, right. But that's ok too. He just sees to it that we have all the MONEY we "need", instead of all the money we WANT!! Don't you get it yet?? It's part of the "equality" for all equation he subscribes to rather than the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL concept that Conservatives adhere to. And unless he gets his "equal turmoil for all" America, he is never going to stop. It is part of that Community Organizer mantra he has been preaching for years. And they say that Liberalism isn't a religion?? It's one for the manipulated masses and sadly, WAY too many "Conservatives" have swallowed that one too.