jmj49 Wrote:
Aug 22, 2013 11:45 AM
I find what you say very interesting. I don't know your age or how severe your disability is, but I will tell you my story. I was shot multiple times and then shredded by incoming, in June of 68. I was severely wounded and spent most of the next year in the hospital and many more years in various rehab programs. I was retired from the Marine Corps with all benefits. Through the VA program called "rehabilitation for disabled Veterans I had my tuition, books, supplies and expenses paid for by the VA. I got and undergraduate degree and a Masters. I was able to enter the work force and taught school for 31 years. There were many health issues due to my injuries, but I got by. My most severe injury was what is now called a TBI, mine with skull fracture. This caused severe sleep disturbance and out of control blood pressure as well as cardiac arrhythmias. At that point I was advised that continued work was life threatening and I needed to retire. I was found to be eligible for SS disability and full medical and dental from the VA or if I chose, medicare and Tri-care (mliitary program which Obama is trying to gut). Over the years I also participated in a program at the VA which provide computer training and on completion their partner in the program Dell provided each veteran with a computer, monitor and printer. If you are truly a disabled veteran you need to do some research and reach out to veterans groups to fine out what you are eligible for. The government helps me out and some will knock this because I have issues with our current welfare system. I will say this, I am the son of legal immigrants. My father served in the Pacific in WW II, I served and shed my blood in Vietnam, and my sons served in Iraq. We pay the price for our benefits. I also paid into SS for 35 years and into my retirement program for 31.