Beyond Category Wrote:
Aug 21, 2013 6:33 PM
Lambro writes of a deepening "crisis" in Egypt, yet the banks and the stock exchange reopened on Sunday August 18, 2013. Air travel domestic and international is operating normally at Egypt's airports. The excellent Nightwatch reported this list of casualties on August 20, 2013: 15 August 638 killed and more than 4,000 injured 16 August 173 killed - in Cairo and in 11 other towns 17 August 79 killed and 549 injured - mostly in Cairo 18 August 36 killed - in an attempted jail break by Brothers under arrest. Foreign corporations in Egypt are also back open for business. Food markets are back in business. There are no reports the traditional signals that current government is lurching to its destruction. So much for this idea that the situation in Egypt is deteriorating. What we are seeing in Egypt is a restoration of public order, and the elimination of the state sponsored terror which existed under the Muslim Brotherhood's administration. Much of the so called bloodshed was actually acts of self defense by the Egyptian versions of neighborhood watches. Ordinary people banned together to protect their property and lives from the Muslim Brotherhood. If Lambro got his facts straight he wouldn't write such puerile nonsense.