MJ117 Wrote:
Aug 21, 2013 4:40 PM
Any enforcement of an invalid law is actually a violation of the constitution, so ANY ENFORCER WHO GOES IN WITH A GUN AND THREATS OF VIOLENCE IS A VIOLENT CRIMINAL AT THE START... whether the victim is/was or not let's just say it.. no more just 'wondering' if the police are too militarized... the POLICE HAVE BEEN CONVERTED TO VIOLENT THUGS WHENEVER THEY STEP OUT TO ENFORCE A LAW THAT IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL IN THE SERVICE OF THE ELITE WHO VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION IN MAKING SUCH A LAW and turned otherwise LAW-ABIDING CITIZENRY INTO THUGS As the world validated after WWII, there is no excuse in saying you were just following orders by superiors... and banning alcohol REQUIRED AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION TO BAN A SUBSTANCE