tennesseekilt Wrote:
Aug 21, 2013 8:51 AM
I like Mr. Williams and agree with many of his columns, but the fact that he ignores is: races are different at different things. With not a shred of evidence (show me where blacks have, as a group, created 'high culture' in any country, anywhere in the world), he implies that, under the right conditions, blacks would dominate the schools like they dominate sports. While I agree that MORE blacks would excel than do at the present time, the reason they dominate sports isn't because of resolve - it's because the races are DIFFERENT. Overall, on average, they run faster, jump higher, & react quicker. Does that mean a white can't be the exception? No. Does the fact that whites have average higher IQs (Asians even higher) mean a brilliant black like Williams or Dr. Sowell can't outshine us all? No! Racial differences exist, and the sooner people recognize this the more we can use those differences to the benefit of all, and stop resenting each other because of them.