Mike2048 Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 2:28 PM
But the FREE MARKET Conservatives love only second to God has brought us here. The FREE MARKET is almost as infallible as God, right? THEREFORE, when the FREE MARKET decides on an outcome, that is the correct and appropriate course. Otherwise, you are asking for Big Government intervention, no? There is no arguing with the FREE MARKET. If Conservatives espouse the FREE MARKET as such a high ideal, then they cannot complain when it produces an outcome that they do not like. Small Government and a FREE MARKET is the best way to go. Individuals are free to live as they choose, even if it hurts "Society". How *should* a Small Government Conservative deal with this problem: 40% of the couples in the US just refuse to have children. In a generation, retirement, Social Security, and Medical care for seniors will completely collapse. A Small Government Conservative *should* deal with his own family and provide for his own, and let other families do what is best for them. Small Government Conservatives understand the individual freedom to pursue one's own life goals is 1000x more important than Society as a whole