Mike2048 Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 2:04 PM
The "Free Market" as Conservatives so passionately love, has determined, that on average, it takes two incomes to get by in the US. The "Free Market" has therefore allowed, encouraged, and rewarded women and Mothers in the Workforce. More women are earning college degrees than men. Aren't women therefore making better use of "Equal Opportunity and not Equal Outcomes". Who are we to argue with the "Free Market", eh??? Don't we want to "encourage innovation" and "reward individualism"? Shouldn't two parents who work hard in the Workforce be allowed to "raise children as they best see fit"? Shouldn't two hard working parents in the Workforce "be rewarded the Fruits of their labor"? Notice the quotes, which are absolutely huge Conservative talking points and Ideals, EXCEPT when it contradicts their religious mantra.