The Original King Wrote:
Aug 20, 2013 10:39 AM
Prager's VERY overplayed contention that you need to believe in an invisible man in the sky (and one who, apparently looks like us, to boot) in order to value human life over animal life is completely false. I don't believe in God and can come up with several logical reasons (as opposed to Prager's emotion based reasons) why I would save the human first. here are 3 quick ones....(1) the average human is MUCH more highly developed and intelligent than a dog (2) the average human figures to have a considerably longer lifespan than a dog and (3) if the average human dies, the effect on his family and friends would be much greater than the effect that a death of a dog would have (especially since these stupid scenarios usually involve a stray dog that happens to be wandering the streets at the time). And I would have all of these SAME points if I somehow was in the position of having to choose between saving the life of a dog or an ant. Same principle.